This shoot was extra special to me. Travis, my baby brother (okay, he's not such a baby anymore), called me and asked if I would do a maternity shoot for him and his girlfriend Angie near their home. But, there was a twist. Travis wanted to propose and he wanted it to be a surprise! So, we selected a date for "maternity" photos. We chatted about what Angie had in mind for her photos. We talked about outfits. Travis had a location picked out, which made me hugely nervous because I didn't know how the lighting would be on an east and west dirt road at sunset! Would there be any trees? Would it be blindingly bright out? Two nights before the photo shoot, I made Travis drive out to the location and send me cell phone photos of the road he had in mind because I was so anxious about it. It was BEAUTIFUL! Who knew this kid had such an eye?!

The day of the shoot we ended up having a family potluck. Angie left the potluck to get ready and I asked Travis about the final details. We met Angie at the shoot location and started taking some photos of her then unnamed baby bump.


As soon as Travis joined her in the photos, Ang started in with questions...

"Why are you so sweaty?"

"Why is your heart beating so fast?!"

"What's wrong with you?"

I thought he had been made... Clearly Travis needed to get this show on the road! He knelt down on one knee and there was a split-second pause as Angie figured out what was going on. Her reaction was priceless! (I had to remind myself that my job was to keep my body STILL and take photos, not to jump up and down and hoot from the bushes.)

The moment was magical. There were tears. There were hugs. There were kisses. I loved it all. Best. Shoot. Evah.

Enjoy guys!

Lots of Love!

♥ Rebecca


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