It's APRIL!  We've had lots of spring showers and we finally got a weekend worthy of some outdoor play time. And play this weekend, we did! Kites, yard work, soccer, church, lots of time on the swing set, and some moments where our oldest ran off to the neighbor's house and came back with food. (Thank you Neighbor, for watching my daughter while she was under her father's care! Some of us are better at multi-tasking than others... 😉 We all have our talents...)  As a result, this gallery was delayed a little bit. Because, when you have littles, you have to have priorities. #OptOutside

Lucky for me, I have the best and most patient clients! Baby B was the most chill little guy I've had in my studio in a long time. Probably ever! I can't get over his chubby little cheeks!  The pictures with Big Brother particularly melt my heart. Can you say double trouble? 😀 Be sure to scroll to the end. The last photo in this series might be one of my favorites. What can be better than baby rolls?!

I'm so excited for my next baby session! 'Tis the season!

♥ Rebecca


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