Wow! The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of busy! Life at my "real" job has been a little crazy, with full days and long hours. To make life a little more hectic, the husband has been traveling Asia for nearly 3 weeks. My hat goes off to all you single parents out there! What a job! My house can attest that when life gets too full, something's gotta give. One plus of the Asia trip is I get little gems like this photo from Singapore in my mailbox to edit, and that makes me happy! I can't wait to see what he has on his camera when he gets home!


If you follow my FB page, you know we have a winner of the Giving Back Session!! A gal named Kyla won. (Excuse the bad phone pic!)

She seems to be super sweet. I can't wait to meet Kyla and her family! I think we will be doing more of these sessions, so if your nominee didn't win there will be more opportunities. There are SO many deserving people out there and I really wanted to have myself an Oprah moment. You know... "You get a photo session, and YOU get a photo session, and YOU..." you get the idea.  Not nearly as cool as a car, I know, I know. :)

The best news? We have arrived at spring break! Educators everywhere are taking a deep breath and putting their feet up. Between playing with the kids, tackling this house (omg, the house...), and saying hello to the husband, I'll be getting all sorts of things for Brandau Photography rolling this week. Stay tuned for more exciting stuff!


♥ Rebecca