For me, photography is about art; art that captures emotion and connections between people. When I look back at my favorite sessions and my favorite images, they all invoke an emotional response. Many are more “lifestyle” in nature, capturing moments between people that are unscripted and are more than posing for a portrait. They may have started as a posed photo, but evolved into something different. There’s a level of emotion that come from those organic moments that posed portraits struggle capture - especially with kids. I think that’s one of the reasons I love photographing children so much. They ARE unscripted. Try telling a 2-year old what to do and you will quickly learn that they really don’t care what you want or the image you see in your mind. In fact, some of my favorite kid images come from allowing littles to just BE. To explore, to play, to laugh… Those are the moments that feed my soul. That is my goal for the next year: to capture life, the way we all remember it, a little crazy and real.

This is one of the families who have booked me over and over again, since I started this crazy adventure about a year and a half ago. They are some of our closest friends. I am forever grateful they have chosen me to be their photographer, and allowed me to learn and grow with them! Thank you! 💕